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Seongwoo-hyang master singer

Hwasun ethnography hyanggyo Jirak

Hwasun ethnography hyanggyo Jirak – Born in Hwasun This is the fifth episode of Hwasun ethnography hyanggyo Jirak, which is based on ‘Pansori national singer-songwriter from Hwasun’. Today’s lecturer is Jae-myung Roh, director of the Korean Traditional Music Museum. Since he was a lecturer from the metropolitan area, the lecture was conducted only after he […]

Color Therapy

Color Therapy(강남안마) Association Donates Talent for ‘Happy Family Project’

Kim Gyu-ri, chairman of the Color Therapy(강남안마) Association, said, “If you have stories in your mind that you haven’t expressed before, please have time to communicate with your family through this free consultation.”

Free counseling will be held in front of Wirye Storybox Cafe from 3 to 6 every Sunday until July 18.

As it can be canceled or reduced in case of worsening weather such as monsoon rains and typhoons, it is recommended to check in advance through phone inquiries before visiting.

In addition, the association is also receiving applications for support for psychological healing from single-parent families, single-mother families, disabled children, multicultural families, and seniors.

Chairman Cetmo said, “The Color Therapy Association, which realizes the value of love and sharing with colors, plans to continue to increase warm talent donation events that can touch many people’s hearts.”