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King Massage 킹안마

King Massage 킹안마

The King Massage 킹안마 I healed properly

I tried The King Massage 킹안마 using a massage app. If you are looking for a massage in Nam-gu, Ulsan Maja City, it would be a good reference.

Massage App Healy This is an app I use occasionally. At the beginning, I thought a lot about massage apps?

In the case of a massage, you have to get along well with the person giving you the massage, and even if you pay the same amount of money, it feels like it relaxes your muscles well, but there are times when it just hurts and doesn’t feel good. For this reason, it is good to read reviews carefully before deciding which massage shop to visit.

Traditional Therapy

Traditional Experience Therapy

Traditional Beauty Care “Bangjja Therapy”

Traditional Therapy - Bangjja Therapy

I met with Lee Eun-kyung, CEO of Cure Lab Beauty Business Department, who developed Bangjja Therapy, which applied traditional Korean hot and cold therapy using copper and tin. Bangjja Therapy is still an unfamiliar term for beauty care, but CureLab regularly holds “Bangjja Therapy Academy” to foster professionals and founders.

Recommended places to receive Bangjja Therapy services

방짜테라피 서비스는 런베스트오피를 추천드립니다.

CEO Lee Eun-kyung plans to lead traditional K-beauty through Bangjja Therapy.