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King Massage 킹안마

King Massage 킹안마

The King Massage 킹안마 I healed properly

I tried The King Massage 킹안마 using a massage app. If you are looking for a massage in Nam-gu, Ulsan Maja City, it would be a good reference.

Massage App Healy This is an app I use occasionally. At the beginning, I thought a lot about massage apps?

In the case of a massage, you have to get along well with the person giving you the massage, and even if you pay the same amount of money, it feels like it relaxes your muscles well, but there are times when it just hurts and doesn’t feel good. For this reason, it is good to read reviews carefully before deciding which massage shop to visit.

Traditional Therapy

Traditional Experience Therapy

Traditional Beauty Care “Bangjja Therapy”

Traditional Therapy - Bangjja Therapy

I met with Lee Eun-kyung, CEO of Cure Lab Beauty Business Department, who developed Bangjja Therapy, which applied traditional Korean hot and cold therapy using copper and tin. Bangjja Therapy is still an unfamiliar term for beauty care, but CureLab regularly holds “Bangjja Therapy Academy” to foster professionals and founders.

Recommended places to receive Bangjja Therapy services

방짜테라피 서비스는 런베스트오피를 추천드립니다.

CEO Lee Eun-kyung plans to lead traditional K-beauty through Bangjja Therapy.

Seongwoo-hyang master singer

Hwasun ethnography hyanggyo Jirak

Hwasun ethnography hyanggyo Jirak – Born in Hwasun This is the fifth episode of Hwasun ethnography hyanggyo Jirak, which is based on ‘Pansori national singer-songwriter from Hwasun’. Today’s lecturer is Jae-myung Roh, director of the Korean Traditional Music Museum. Since he was a lecturer from the metropolitan area, the lecture was conducted only after he […]

Color Therapy

Color Therapy(강남안마) Association Donates Talent for ‘Happy Family Project’

Kim Gyu-ri, chairman of the Color Therapy(강남안마) Association, said, “If you have stories in your mind that you haven’t expressed before, please have time to communicate with your family through this free consultation.”

Free counseling will be held in front of Wirye Storybox Cafe from 3 to 6 every Sunday until July 18.

As it can be canceled or reduced in case of worsening weather such as monsoon rains and typhoons, it is recommended to check in advance through phone inquiries before visiting.

In addition, the association is also receiving applications for support for psychological healing from single-parent families, single-mother families, disabled children, multicultural families, and seniors.

Chairman Cetmo said, “The Color Therapy Association, which realizes the value of love and sharing with colors, plans to continue to increase warm talent donation events that can touch many people’s hearts.”

Zen therapy

Through the passage of Zen therapy,  you’ve come all the way here, and you’re tired of the flood of information, and you want to relax with deep relaxation. And I’m sure there are people who are looking for a deep spiritual training method.

As the head of the Therapy & Healing Center, who has been training in yoga for more than 10 years, I would like to guide you to a deep understanding of gentrification.

I wrote down what Zen therapy is, what kind of help you give to trainees, and what kind of people you want to recommend to them in this one post. I’m sure it’ll help you a lot.

Check out opsasu for more information on Zen Therapy.젠 테라피의 자세한 정보는 오피사수에서 확인

various effects of aromatherapy

various effects of aromatherapy


Today, I’m going to talk about the effects of aromatherapy

I’ll let you know.

What is aroma essential oil?

The natural aromatic compounds found in plants

Oil extracted by steam distillation or cold compression extraction.

To put it simply, Korean people

The herbal medicine that has been boiled with water in various medicines

It’s easy to understand if you think about it.

Aromatherapy effect. Effects of 28 cups of peppermint tea

Aroma essential oil is

It’s a natural ingredient, so it’s strong without any side effects

It has a safe effect

50 to 70 times more powerful than herbs.

One drop of peppermint essential oil

It is said that it has the effect of drinking 28 cups of peppermint tea.

오피스타 Shiatsu Massage

오피스타’s Cheap Relaxation Salon

오피스타 Shiatsu Massage

Complete all-hand acupressure and massage in Honcho, 오피스타
8:00 Open
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Latest information
This is a must-see for those who are worried about the so-called unshoulder! Please cooperate with “Un-shoulder monitor (shoulder circumference monitor)”!

Many customers who are suffering from so-called unshoulder (official name is “shoulder arthritis”) have come to our store, and they are still visiting us. How to effectively relieve unpleasant symptoms? We are still continuing trial and error on this issue.
This time, we have prepared a new monitor course only for those who are worried about this “Un Ten Shoulders”.

a horticultural therapist

Get a first-degree certificate as a horticultural therapist through online lectures.

If you want to study horticultural therapy, such as horticultural therapists and horticultural therapy counselors, you can study the horticultural psychology counselor course because private certificates call it psychology instead of the word treatment.

horticultural therapist

Horticultural psychology counselors are experts who improve or maintain the workings of a person’s mind and body through various activities (horticultural activities) using plants or plants.
Our education center’s horticultural psychology counselor certificate can be obtained as a horticultural psychology counselor level 1 without a horticultural psychology counselor level 2 horticultural treatment counselor level 3 certificate, and can be entered on the resume.

Horticultural psychology counselor qualifications are free online classes regardless of the area of residence for anyone who wants to study the counseling course using horticulture with a high school graduate or higher. The method of obtaining a psychological counselor’s certificate at our institute of education will be opened in my classroom when you sign up for the site of the institute and complete the application for the first class of horticultural psychological counselor. There is no fixed schedule for horticultural therapy lectures, so you can study individually and take the horticultural psychology counselor test individually, and there is no horticultural psychology counselor test schedule.
There are a horticultural treatment textbook file and a horticultural counseling test file in the classroom, so you can download it.

There are various certificate-level courses such as psychological counselors, art psychological counselors, music psychological counselors, and play psychological counselors, so if you are more curious, please refer to our education center’s website.

Our education center’s policy is that anyone who graduated from high school or higher can get free


* Textbooks and past question files can be downloaded free of charge

* Extended duration, retesting will be free of charge upon request

* However, if you wish to issue a certificate after passing the test, the issuance fee is at your own expense.

Search for horticultural therapist certificates and training at One-Click Run People.

원예 치료사 자격증과 교육은 원클릭 런피플에서 검색해보세요.

Manipulative and unraveling osteopathic clinic Haguruma-do

마사 지를 진행 합니다.

We offer OP service type therapy massage.

Our hospital values ​​the feeling as a semi-private space.
You can be anonymous as it is a style that does not use health insurance and is only for actual expenses.

We will not post your face photo etc.
Therefore, we may post some word-of-mouth information, but we will not post it to the extent that we can identify the individual.


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