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Letters to those who have deep questions about Zen therapy

Can’t you judge what’s right or wrong?

Do you continue to be swept away by the situation and the status quo?

Do you really need a “deep rest”?

​Through the passage of Zen therapy,  you’ve come all the way here, and you’re tired of the flood of information, and you want to relax with deep relaxation. And I’m sure there are people who are looking for a deep spiritual training method.

As the head of the Therapy & Healing Center, who has been training in yoga for more than 10 years, I would like to guide you to a deep understanding of gentrification.

I wrote down what Zen therapy is, what kind of help you give to trainees, and what kind of people you want to recommend to them in this one post. I’m sure it’ll help you a lot.

Check out opsasu for more information on Zen Therapy.젠 테라피의 자세한 정보는 오피사수에서 확인해 보세요.

1. What is Zen Therapy?

Zen means “line.” It had the meaning of meditation, meditation, and stillness. The trainee who trains this has a direction to calm down the complex mind and to reach a certain level by unifying the mind.

Basically, Zen is the process of answering the question, “What is human?” The question is, “Who am I?It leads to, and to answer this question, we use either gastropods looking at ourselves or meditation, or Singing Ball meditation, which helps us quickly become deep relaxation.

Why do we worry about useless things and get caught up in the situation right now? The answer to this starts with “What is an idea?” The idea is to reconstruct the information that many senses have accepted by a person called me. In other words, it’s more of a fantasy created by a person named “I,” not a substance.

We need to take in the information itself before we think about it, in order to look at something properly. To do that, you have to stop thinking first. Here, Zen stops thinking about the trainee, and it has a great purpose.

If you train Zen, you don’t get swept away by any phenomena or useless worries. Because you can find a person named ‘I’. This will help you to exist only as me.

2. What Zen Therapy Gives to Trainees

When you train Zen, you’re no longer fooled. You may not be engulfed in overlaid illusions or other situations. Through pre-treatment, you can see through the illusion and face the true reality, not the situation. This is all because they found me.

When you see the Buddha meditating, how do you feel? Can you feel the small smile, the silence, and the tranquility? Jen’s trainee discovers deeper roots of anxiety, stress, and pain during the training process. Then, you gradually find your true self, “I,” and move on to a comfortable state.

The day I was training in Nepal…

Recently, more and more people are experiencing stress or deep anxiety. It’s a natural step for so much noise to be heard in the busy modern world, and so many confusing things to keep coming. The experience of finding ‘me’ gives them a healing moment.

If you apply singing ball therapy together, you can focus on sound and vibration in 5 minutes and enter a deep relaxation state. When you reach a state of relaxation, enjoy a deep rest, and relax, you have an experience of being free from distracting thoughts, worries, and stress.

3. Can anyone really get help?

I think Zen therapy is helpful for all modern people. I am confident that it will be of greater help to young people in particular. Because they accept so much information and live in so much anxiety and stress.

I want to present these young people with deep comfort, not just by reducing their symptoms, but by solving the fundamental root problems.

What do you think? Don’t you have a throbbing headache, sleepless nights with anxiety, or live under too much stress?

런피플 has a training program where you can learn Zen therapy.

Zen therapy will open up a new path for you. Why don’t we go on a trip together to find me?

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various effects of aromatherapy

various effects of aromatherapy


Today, I’m going to talk about the effects of aromatherapy

I’ll let you know.

What is aroma essential oil?

The natural aromatic compounds found in plants

Oil extracted by steam distillation or cold compression extraction.

To put it simply, Korean people

The herbal medicine that has been boiled with water in various medicines

It’s easy to understand if you think about it.

Aromatherapy effect. Effects of 28 cups of peppermint tea

Aroma essential oil is

It’s a natural ingredient, so it’s strong without any side effects

It has a safe effect

50 to 70 times more powerful than herbs.

One drop of peppermint essential oil

It is said that it has the effect of drinking 28 cups of peppermint tea.

아로마오일 이미지

Even a drop of it will give you amazing aromatherapy effects

I’ll show it to you know

I’m into it, so I’m using it as aromatherapy

I’m working as an aromatherapy.

But some people

Even if I talk so hard,

If you think you’re exaggerating to sell something,

There are people who think I’m bragging.


So did I.

the effects of aromatherapy

When I have little faith in the effects of aromatherapy,

That’s what I thought

It smells good. It makes you feel good

I can accept this much

The other argument is, um, not even medicine!

I don’t know

How much aromatherapy can it be?

That’s what I thought.

So there’s a video that I prepared.

Rather than me telling you,

I’ll do my best to trust you

It’s a video of a famous person.

Dr. Son Ho-young said that he was going to take patients from the hospital

He’s the family doctor you see him in person

The effects of aromatherapy

I want to make it more accurate

He’s someone who can talk

And Dr. Son Hoyoung

I’m actively trying to get aromatherapy

You can apply it to your patients

He’s in therapy

And in Korea, aromatherapy therapy

He’s one of the people who brought him in.

Thanks to these people,

You can experience aromatherapy

These days, it’s widely spread and it’s possible to use home care

Dr. Son Young-ho: Professor of Family Medicine at St. Mary’s Hospital and is still treating patients with aromas at St. Mary’s Hospital, especially among patients who have side effects or no reactions to existing medicines

I’m going to use the aromatherapy effect that you mentioned

That’s what I organized it.


​What is aromatherapy?

A combination of aroma + therapy.

As a way to use aroma oil,

The effect of inhaling aromatherapy scent

inhaling the scent,

The effect of aromatherapy on the skin

There are two main things to apply on your skin.

(At this time, it was before the oil was available

So there are only two ways to use it

These days, there are about four types, including intake and flavor.)

If you inhale it and your olfactory nerves smell it,

It’s delivered directly to the brain, the hypothalamus,

We’ve reached a hippocampus-like transformation

to be able to treat emotionally and mentally

Because generic drugs are large in molecular size,

It’s hard to absorb through the skin

Medicines are never treated by applying them to the skin.

Because it can’t be absorbed.

It is possible to use water pain relief patches or light ointment

​Gangnam massage uses natural aroma oil

강남안마는 천연 아로마 오일을 사용합니다

But Aroma has a very small molecular structure

It absorbs quickly into the skin

It is cured of various diseases.

Sesquitterpen ingredients can treat various diseases.

This ingredient is contained in far away chamomile.

It has a strong anti-inflammatory effect

It is widely used to treat inflammation.

© Candidbcolette, Source Unsplash

With aromatherapy effect,

Things like stress and vases are cured.

Modern people are facing stress, and because of that,

It causes many diseases

I can’t get rid of my stress easily

As a fragrance therapy for aromatherapy,

Stress and even vases are being cured.

If you have allergic rhinitis or respiratory problems,

It’s especially hard to cure allergic rhinitis

Using the aroma scent,

If you are under 30 years of age

to have a cure rate of 90 to 95 percent

have a significant effect on sinusitis, asthma, and colds

Even with respiratory problems

© Nastya_gepp, Source Pixabay

And musculoskeletal pain

a refractory pain of the frozen shoulder chronic mitral pain

Back pain, disc, knee pain, jaw joint pain,

be effective in hand, ankle, and so on

Atopy is also effective

be very effective for children under 24 months old

Atopy that doesn’t heal with anything can disappear quickly

© Enecta, Source Unsplash

If it’s 2 months, the blemishes will disappear

Six months and the freckles go away.

The cure rate is about 70 percent.

Wrinkles also spread out in one to two months.

The younger you are, the better you are

It’s a woman with menopause and menopause

Disappear very quickly.

For treatment at the hospital

Even though I’m on a female hormone medication,

There’s a patient with menopausal symptoms

Even if you put it on for a day or two,

Symptoms disappear quickly.

© Saranya7, Source Pixabay

The cure rate is more than 90% effective in incontinence.

When incontinence occurs after menopause, the cure rate is 90%

When it occurs before menopause, it shows a 50% cure rate.

In this case, apply it on the lower abdomen.

Besides that, if you have menstrual cramps or women’s diseases,

have an outstanding effect

It is also effective in dieting.

A woman with a waist size of 38 inches puts on aroma oil

One inch less after a week of use

If you apply it around your arms for 10 days,

It decreases by one centimeter

(These days, I’m on a diet by taking it as a laxative.)

It’s working very well.)

© Mouse23, Source Pixabay

Specific oils from a variety of plants

Well-being and various things

I don’t want to cure diseases

researching for the promotion of health

It is a branch of learning.

For aromatherapy treatment,

There are plants that are being used

There are 20 to 30 kinds of things that are commonly used

There are more than 100 kinds of professional use.

The total number of Aromas is more than 300.

The effect depends on which raw material is used.

For example, use an oil that’s good for colds

It doesn’t work at all if you use it on asthma patients

Pain relief use area is very wide.

Pain is also effective in various kinds of pain

Pain in the various musculoskeletal systems

Headaches, birth pains, menstrual cramps, and so on

It can be effective

© Fotorech, Source Pixabay

For example, the intractable frozen shoulder of the musculoskeletal system

When my arms are stiff and I can’t raise them up for 7-8 months,

It hurts so much even if I stay still

Even if it’s a case where it doesn’t heal even if you go to the hospital,

After applying aroma oil, your arms go up after 10 minutes.

How do you do this? Drop the oil on the sore spot

Just apply it like body lotion.

Degenerative arthritis. When you walk,

If you say it hurts,

10 minutes after applying oil,

The pain will go away if you walk again.

The effect of removing the pain is that the oil molecules are absorbed into the body

It is the effect of pain relief and anti-inflammatory action.

Even if the pain goes away, after some time,

to get sick again

In some cases, after physical therapy,

It’s cool, so sometimes I feel no pain

It’s not all better.

But it hurts again over time

© Elektrikpm, Source Unsplash

Likewise, I’m going to use an aroma

There are people who get better,

In more cases,

If you massage it over and over again every day after day,

It’s getting better by the day.

Later, I did it for a few days, so even if I don’t put it on,

If you don’t have any pain, I think you’re all better

Jaw pain, tennis elbow,

chronic 20-30-year-old mitral pain,

Back pain, disc pain, wrist pain

You can get a big effect in about 10 minutes

If you break a bone, you’ll have a fracture pain

It is so bad that I sometimes cry.

Even if I let go of painkillers, it hurts very much, so I ask for more.

If you apply aroma oil,

You can’t even feel the pain of a fracture.

It has no anesthetic effect at all and is the effect of aroma oil

When you break a bone, when you hurt a ligament,

If it’s severe, it’s swollen, and even if it’s bleeding inside

work quickly

Aromatherapy Effect Bone Fracture

The advantage of aromatherapy is that it works quickly and quickly.

In the case of pain, the effect is effective in about 10 minutes.

Other respiratory diseases, at the earliest,

It works in about 10 minutes.

There are few side effects.

There are, but by generic drugs,

There is little more than the frequency of occurrence.

No matter how much I use AROMA,

If you’re experiencing side effects,

There will be few.

It’s a natural vegetable substance, so I don’t feel repulsed

The process of use or treatment is not scary or painful.

It’s a pleasant to one’s

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This is a must-see for those who are worried about the so-called unshoulder! Please cooperate with “Un-shoulder monitor (shoulder circumference monitor)”!

Many customers who are suffering from so-called unshoulder (official name is “shoulder arthritis”) have come to our store, and they are still visiting us. How to effectively relieve unpleasant symptoms? We are still continuing trial and error on this issue.
This time, we have prepared a new monitor course only for those who are worried about this “Un Ten Shoulders”.

Eun ten shoulder monitor 45 minutes 1500 yen
It was
The content is a treatment time of 45 minutes, and the treatment is performed around the shoulder joint, around the scapula, and the upper arm (the part from the shoulder joint to the elbow) where there is a problem. If you have both shoulders that are upset, please choose one (the one that is worse).
When making a reservation, please say “Un ten shoulders” …

You can experience all of the shoulder blade peeling, intestinal massage, dry head, and face massage! “Extra monitor”

At our shop, there are monitor courses for “scapula peeling”, “intestinal massage”, “dry head massage”, and “face massage” that are popular in the streets (see “treatment course”). However, it is not possible to combine monitor courses with each other, so all the topics this time? We have prepared an “extra monitor” that allows you to experience the monitor at once!
This course is
Extra monitor 75 minutes course 2500 yen
There is only one type.
The content is within the treatment time of 75 minutes
Scapula peeling (20 minutes of treatment around the shoulder + scapula peeling)
Intestinal massage (10 minutes)
Dry head massage (20 minutes)
Face massage (15 minutes)
Matt around the neck …

오피스타 Shiatsu Massage-1(2)

If you are pregnant, one-third of the treatment time plus will be applied all day!

2022/02/19 – 2023/02/17
Even if you are pregnant, you can receive the treatment at our shop except for the period around the 4th month. However, if you are pregnant, you cannot perform the procedure on your stomach, so you will need to perform the procedure on your side and on your back.
Since the sideways treatment is basically performed on one side at a time, it is difficult to perform the treatment on both sides at the same time as when lying down, which makes it more inefficient than when lying down. In consideration of this inefficient time, we have decided to provide a service that will increase the treatment time by one-third all day for those who are pregnant this time. However, since there is already a one-third plus service in the morning on weekdays, other weekdays, weekends and holidays are eligible.
About the contents of 1/3 plus service …

So-called “intestinal massage” is now available as a 30-minute course monitor!

In the streets, what is called “intestinal massage” seems to be a hot topic in some areas. When I first heard this word, I felt a little uncomfortable, but if I look closely, the point is a stomach massage. More technically speaking, it is a treatment method called “Ampuku”, which is a deep work.
This time, we will offer the so-called “intestinal massage” as a great monitor course for 1000 yen for 30 minutes. Until now, there is no description in the course, so you can’t get a massage around your abdomen! Even those who were thought to be able to receive the treatment normally from now on.
Those who are not familiar with these days, those who are worried about the unpleasant feeling around the abdomen, gastrointestinal condition …

The so-called “scapula peeling” is now available as a 30-minute course monitor!

Until now, we have announced that we will perform so-called “scapula peeling” during the procedure only with “Equiten”, but this time it was officially started as a course although it is a monitor.
“Scapula peeling” is a treatment method in which the inner part of the scapula is lifted to make it appear as if the scapula is peeled off from the trunk (back side part). You can do this on your own, but if you have severe stiff shoulders, your arms may not turn backwards and may not float unless you have a practitioner’s other technique.
Until now, this so-called “scapula peeling” has been incorporated into the 45-minute course or longer. However, the tension around the shoulders varies from person to person, and in some cases it is one-fifth …

Our shop is normally open! The store staff has finished vaccination twice!
Coronavirus infections are now rampant around the world.

At present, our shop is normally open. However, from the viewpoint of prevention, please note that we are taking measures such as leaving a little more space between the front and back customers.

Wearing a mask is optional in our store. Even if you have not been vaccinated, there are no restrictions on entering the store.

All of our store staff have completed the new corona vaccination twice.

This is Shiatsu Massage Samurai, Saito. Thank you for your patronage and support for our shop for one year in 2019. Thanks to you, our shop can finish the year in good condition.

Is it a turbulent event such as holding the Olympics? It’s going to be a rich year, but we would like to continue our efforts every day to ride the wave.

The goal is endless, but the first is to increase the number of visitors. In particular, we aim to incorporate not only those who have received repeats from before, but also those who have never had a connection with our shop. No matter how good the service is, you will be asked to come to our store …

The “(Old) Head Only This Care” course is available as a “Dry Head Massage Monitor” at a reasonable price!
The “(Old) Head Only This Care” course, which has been patronized by everyone since April 2013, has been renamed to “Dry Head Massage Monitor” with almost the same content, and can be used at a reasonable price. It came to be.

The course is a 15-minute course from 15 minutes to 60 minutes, and the treatment fee is 500 yen per 15 minutes. The time allocation is about 50% for the head, about 45% for the neck and shoulders, and about 5% around the eyes.

오피스타 Shiatsu Massage-1(2)

For more information, click “Details” to see the HP announcement.

For those who want to use dry head massage purely, from February 15, 2019, the “New! Head Only This Care” course has appeared. This is also HP’s knowledge …

Pure head and face course “New! Care only for the head” and “Care for the face only” are now available!
The “(Old) Head Only This Care” course, which has been patronized by everyone since April 2013, had only half of the treatment time, which was the essential head massage.

Also, in the abbreviation “Face Massage Monitor” course, which has been used by many people since January 2018, the essential facial massage was less than half of the total treatment time.

For this reason, we have prepared a “new! Head only care” course and a “face only this care” course as courses for pure dry head massage and dry face massage.

For more information, click “Details” to see the HP announcement.

In addition, “(old …

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Word-of-mouth communication
3 weeks ago
Arms are top notch The price is so cheap that I’m sorry. .. .. You can experience healing like a hideaway known to those in the know. I don’t like the popularity and the difficulty of making reservations. Recommended
–Yo c
1 week ago
I was introduced by a friend and had my first treatment here. I was able to relax my stiffness and get rid of my tiredness. Sorry for the cheap price

a horticultural therapist

Get a first-degree certificate as a horticultural therapist through online lectures.

If you want to study horticultural therapy, such as horticultural therapists and horticultural therapy counselors, you can study the horticultural psychology counselor course because private certificates call it psychology instead of the word treatment.

horticultural therapist

Horticultural psychology counselors are experts who improve or maintain the workings of a person’s mind and body through various activities (horticultural activities) using plants or plants.
Our education center’s horticultural psychology counselor certificate can be obtained as a horticultural psychology counselor level 1 without a horticultural psychology counselor level 2 horticultural treatment counselor level 3 certificate, and can be entered on the resume.

Horticultural psychology counselor qualifications are free online classes regardless of the area of residence for anyone who wants to study the counseling course using horticulture with a high school graduate or higher. The method of obtaining a psychological counselor’s certificate at our institute of education will be opened in my classroom when you sign up for the site of the institute and complete the application for the first class of horticultural psychological counselor. There is no fixed schedule for horticultural therapy lectures, so you can study individually and take the horticultural psychology counselor test individually, and there is no horticultural psychology counselor test schedule.
There are a horticultural treatment textbook file and a horticultural counseling test file in the classroom, so you can download it.

There are various certificate-level courses such as psychological counselors, art psychological counselors, music psychological counselors, and play psychological counselors, so if you are more curious, please refer to our education center’s website.

Our education center’s policy is that anyone who graduated from high school or higher can get free


* Textbooks and past question files can be downloaded free of charge

* Extended duration, retesting will be free of charge upon request

* However, if you wish to issue a certificate after passing the test, the issuance fee is at your own expense.

Search for horticultural therapist certificates and training at One-Click Run People.

원예 치료사 자격증과 교육은 원클릭 런피플에서 검색해보세요.

Manipulative and unraveling osteopathic clinic Haguruma-do

Hagurumado style -Treatment menu

op사이트 방식 의 테라피 마사 지를 진행 합니다.

We offer OP service type therapy massage.

Our hospital values ​​the feeling as a semi-private space.
You can be anonymous as it is a style that does not use health insurance and is only for actual expenses.

We will not post your face photo etc.
Therefore, we may post some word-of-mouth information, but we will not post it to the extent that we can identify the individual.

About 3 minutes walk from Akasaka Mitsuke A10 exit

The position is the position of this Google map

If you go along the road normally, you will get around, so I will introduce a simple visit route.

Exit with Akasaka Mitsuke A10 BicCamera
With the main street side as your back

Akasaka Mitsuke How to walk
There is a pachinko parlor in front of you
There was a cozy corner on the right side, but now it is replaced by Matsumotokiyoshi.

There is a path in the meantime
You can go through that time, so please go through that.

A manga cafe called Jiyu Space when you pass through

You can see the building with
It will be on the 6th floor of the building

Please note that the road ahead is called Misuji-dori.
It is a one-way street coming from the left side
Please note that some cars are sometimes skipped.

If you don’t know this way, click here
Just to the right, you will find the building next to Tenya

There is a building called a fan or a building, so enter that fan or building

일본의 오피사이트 주소에서 우리의 리뷰를 확인하세요

Check out our review at the OP site address in Japan

Then you can go through the first floor

If you go through the first floor and look to the left of the exit, you will see a red signboard for your own play space.
It will be on the 6th floor of the building

If you don’t know, please contact us so we can navigate.