Spa, Sauna Summer Package

“Don’t sweat.” Hotel business sauna and spa package, “Botmul.”

Domestic hocance is also popular during this summer vacation. The hotel industry is introducing packages that include saunas and spa one after another for the summer season. It is worth referencing to recharge your tired body and mind.

▶ Mercure Ambassador Ulsan Hotel – Shining Solo’ package at Mongdol Beach

Mercure Ambassador Ulsan Hotel has remodeled a sauna this year, which is indispensable for staying at a hotel.

The sauna of the Mercure Ambassador Ulsan Hotel, facing Gangdong Mongdol Beach on the east coast of Ulsan, is located on the fourth floor above the ground and offers panoramic ocean views. In particular, you can enjoy the sauna with water quality equivalent to actual hot spring water by using the nanogen shower filter for the first time among Ulsan hotel saunas.

Mercure Ambassador Ulsan Hotel will showcase the “Shining Solo at Mongdol Beach” package, which will be available until August 26. The package is a concept that allows you to stay alone and heal, and includes a night in a △ Superior room △ 1 welcome drink △ 1 can wine △ 1 breakfast △ fitness and sauna.

▶ Westin Chosun Seoul – ‘Relaxing Cataway to V Spa’ package

Westin Chosun Seoul will introduce the “Relaxing Getaway to V Spa” package until September 30 to recharge its tired body and mind.

The package includes a night in a junior suite or executive suite △ room and a two-person ticket to △ “V Spa” △ Aria Buffet Breakfast △ Cocktail Hour △ Sauna benefits in the club lounge.

Meanwhile, “V Spa” introduces premium anti-aging care of Valmont, a 115-year-old Swiss luxury beauty brand. You can choose between Soft & Smooth Body Care or V Touch Body Care to experience VSPA’s specialized programs for 50 minutes. The spa pass can be used during the stay or after making a reservation in advance within one month from the check-in date.

▶ Ebisu Style Ambassador Myeongdong – Tropical Spa Package

Ibis Style Ambassador Myeong-dong will showcase a room package that includes a tropical private spa until September 30 under the concept of “an overseas resort to meet in the city.”

Ibis-style ambassador Myeong-dong, Seoul, reminiscent of a resort in the city center, has a special open-air sauna facility. You can have a relaxing healing experience in the city through Namsan View at a glance. Depending on the day and night, you can enjoy a different Namsan View Open Spa.

Meanwhile, Ibis Style Ambassador’s private “Tropical Spa” package in Myeong-dong, Seoul, will be available until September 30th and can be selected from two options. If you are looking for a product that allows you to spend a cozy time with your lover, you can choose a product that includes a △ Standard Room △ Tropical Private Open Bath 3 hours pass △ Champagne △ Fruit Platter, and a product that is perfect for spending precious time with friends or family.

▶ Jeju Shinhwa World – “Tamora Jjimjilbang” Reopening News

Jeju Shinhwa World, Korea’s largest complex resort, resumed the operation of the Tamora Jjimjilbang, which had been suspended for a long time due to COVID-19. Jeju Shinhwa World will hold a 1+1 promotion until August 31 to commemorate the “Tamora Jjimjilbang” Reopen.

This promotion will be held for guests of “Jeju Shinhwa World Somerset” and will be presented one free of charge per ticket. Tamora Jjimjilbang consists of three jjimjilbangs, including a loess room that comforts the body, a fragrant cypress room, and a charcoal room that is good for detoxification, and a media room where you can watch broadcasts on your personal monitor on a comfortable sofa, and a kids room for children.

▶ Sofitel Ambassador Seoul – ‘Relax the French Way’ Package

Sofitel Ambassador Seoul will showcase the “Relax the French Way” room package, which is designed to heal your tired body and mind with spa and dining, until November 29.

“Sophitel Spa by Bottevial,” which uses the products of France’s best authentic spa brand Biologique Recherche, can relieve old fatigue by leaving it to a two-person treatment program (60 minutes) provided by a professional terrapist who has learned techniques from the French headquarters. In addition, you can enjoy a different level of true rest with your loved ones, such as breakfast, afternoon tea, and evening cocktails, which are club millennium benefits included in the room.

▶ Rolling Hills Hotel – ‘Rolling Spa’ Package

The Rolling Hills Hotel in Hwaseong, Gyeonggi-do, run by Haevichi Hotel & Resort, will showcase a “Rolling Spa Package” until November 30th, where you can enjoy healing vacation with a hotel surrounded by abundant nature.

The package includes one night in a standard room and one (60 minutes) use of the “The Spa” program in the hotel. In the case of the spa program, you can choose from one or two options and receive one of body, face, or hair care. In addition, breakfast buffet and indoor swimming pools and fitness centers where you can see the abundant forest are included, so you can enjoy a more relaxed rest.

▶ Plaza Hotel – ‘Relax Spa’ Package

Plaza Hotel will present a “Relax Spa” package that can heal your tired body and mind until December 30. The package includes △ Plaza Suite 1 night △ Sparkling Wine 1 bottle △ Club Lounge 2 people pass △ The Bell Spa Treatment (120 minutes for 1 person or 60 minutes for 2 people) △ Fitness Club benefits.

Meanwhile, at The Bell Spa and The Plaza, which promise to manage customers’ lives based on Holistic philosophy, three types of care are available (▲body oil full-body program▲bisch shower+body scrub▲deep cleansing+manual technique+water mask).

▶ Sheraton Grand Incheon Hotel – ‘Stay Well, Luxury’ Package

Sheraton Grand Incheon Hotel, where you can enjoy the exotic downtown of Songdo International City and the nature of Central Park the closest, will showcase a “Stay Well, Luxury” room package that will fill your tired body and mind until December 31.

The package accommodates high-rise club rooms overlooking the colorful Songdo International City and can use all of Sheraton Fitness’s businesses.

The Sheraton Club, which was newly renovated in May this year, consists of a fitness center, an indoor swimming pool, a sauna, and an indoor golf practice range in Central Park View, and is located on the sixth floor of the hotel. In addition, you can enjoy the △ “Healing Spa Treatment” during your stay, which helps with waste accumulated in your body, toxins, and blood circulation, and includes benefits from using the △ Club Lounge for two breakfasts at △Fist Buffet Restaurants.

Meanwhile, pregnant women can be changed to a dedicated spa program, Mother-to-B (additional cost incurred). Mother-to-B is a body therapy that uses the best pure organic oil, which is a treatment exclusively for pregnant women to relieve pain, relieve swelling, and help blood circulation.

▶ AC Hotel by Marriott Seoul Gangnam – Sauna Benefits Package

Marriott International’s Modern Luxury Hotel AC Hotel by Marriott Seoul Gangnam is offering additional sauna benefits to all room products except Superior until December 31.

The AC sauna runs from 6 a.m. to 11 p.m. to help recharge the guest’s body and mind, and consists of an infrared emitter to enhance body cell efficiency and activate the body’s nervous system. Meanwhile, Sauna & Fitness can also be found on membership.

▶ Four Seasons Hotel Seoul – Rediscover Seoul Package

Four Seasons Hotel Seoul will introduce the “Ridis Cover Seoul” package, which includes a Korean sauna that provides healing of the body and mind, until January 31st next year.

For three consecutive nights or more of the package, benefits such as free use of the △Sauna Adult △Fitness Club and Golf Zone △Indoor Swimming Pool are basically provided, and additional signature scent candles of △Four Seasons Hotel Seoul are provided. In addition, family customers with children will be provided with a variety of kids’ items that can be requested according to their children’s age, such as ▲ baby beds ▲ baby baths ▲ diapers ▲ children’s hair and body wash ▲ cream soap ▲ kids’ bath gowns and slippers.

Meanwhile, the Four Seasons Club Seoul’s “Korean Sauna” is available for a fee. Sauna and baths of different temperatures and sizes are available for customers to choose according to their tastes, such as cold, hot, hot, hot, dry and wet saunas, and sleeping rooms, and single-person showers are also available for more private use. The sauna is open from 5:30 a.m. to 10:30 p.m., and is open from the age of 14 or older. If you want to wash in the sauna, you will be required to make a reservation in advance and there will be an additional charge.